Tucson Tropicals

Tucson's First Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery

Why Choose Us?

We would rather see you with a great tree at a good deal than take your dollars. That said, we will always advise you if you can get a better deal locally on a like tree from another nursery. Life is not about making money, it is about growing the community and building relationships. We just want to see you all have an amazing edible yard!

We have the largest selection of tropical trees for sale in Southern Arizona. Please view our inventory and if you don't see what you are looking for contact us. We may be able to source it.

We try and source as many things locally as we possibly can. If you are a local grower of tropical edible plants & trees and want to propagate and sell your items become a vendor! We would love to speak with you and help you earn money so you can expand your love of growing!! Lets help Tucson reduce its carbon footprint, while growing amazing tropical trees! Help us help others turn Tucson Tropical!

As with all new nurseries please bear with us as we grow and expand. :)

Tucson Tropicals is a great resource! Not only do they have quality trees at fair prices, but they tell you how to take care of them! I got a Hong Kong Orchid tree, Silk Floss, Moringas, Loquat, Guamuchil, and Papayas from them and they're all doing great!

Gloria S.
Tucson, AZ

About Us

Beau Woods

Owner - Tucson Tropicals

Tucson Tropicals was established in 2019 out of a long time passion of the owner. That passion is to grow tropical trees that we are told we cannot grow here. To bring a great variety of tropical trees to the Southern Arizona desert. There are many tropical tree nursery options in the Phoenix area, but we wanted to form a place locally so people didn't have to make the 3 hour round trip just to buy a papaya tree... 


Visiting the nursery is by appointment only. Please message us on our Facebook Page as always before heading over to ensure that someone is around to assist you. 


4350 S. Camino Verde, Tucson AZ 85735

Wed - 3pm - 6pm

Saturday - 8am - 6pm

Sunday - 8am - 6pm